Doesn’t rub off on to your clothing

Thank you Dave for your product. I have a commerical sprayer and I’ve used other products on me and my friends. The other products or nothing compared to your tanning spray. I love it!!!! It doesn’t make you stink it doesn’t rub off on to your clothing. The biggest thing is my other product was that I would spray at night wear a longsleeve shirt and jogging pants to bed to keep it off my sheets. Never did I spray durning the day cause you would be sticky and stinky. With your product I can put on at night and not wear the arma suit to bed or I could put on first thing in the morning and go all day no one ever said I stunk (better not are I would probably beat them up). Anyway, thank you for the spray tan product and the scrub is great to. Could you just make the scrub into a gallon to I would like to have a gallon of that.

Thank You

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